Why is it so hard to start?

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I don’t think there is a person in this world that doesn’t dream of a life filled with more success. Whether it’s with more money, more adventure or more love. There are so many things we all wish we could have more of.

The question is. How is it that some of us manage to get closer to the success we look for, while others seem to get nowhere?

Could it be that some people are more gifted than others? Or some have more opportunity and are in more privileged positions. Possibly. But putting the blame on other people is a sure way to stop yourself before you have even tried to start. (More on this to come.)

If not now, when? — Hillel the Elder

While cruising around the holy grail of information and funny cats known as Youtube. I kept seeing videos of people sharing tips about how to make money and become successful.

I asked myself, with all this information, why the heck is everyone not wealthy already? Why am I not wealthy already?

With so many ways to make money. So fewer gate keepers and the ability to reach potential clients around the world from the comfort of your computer chair . Why is it so hard to make it happen?

In this article I will look at three things that are stopping you and three ways you can get over it and get started!

So what is it thats stopping you?

1. You love your comfortable habits.

Remember when you first started your job? 2 days in, you felt like it was a huge mistake and you should quit while you still can. Before you end up pressing the wrong button and giving away every penny of the companies money. 3 months in, you’re handling that counter like you’re the one that built it.

When we start something new it always feels daunting. Like the biggest mountain to climb. But once you have done it over and over again and correct the mistakes you end up not remembering a time you never knew what to do.

As we grow older we tend to be uncomfortable with change or new ways of doing things. It messes with our routine and brings our stress levels up. This makes it very difficult to want to give any new thing that requires a lot of effort a try.

2. You think you’ve started when you actually haven’t.

So you have decided to take the plunge into something new. You sit down and start watching videos and you buy the books. You may even buy the materials or equipment necessary. You take some time out of your day to watch more videos, do a little reading and examine the bits you purchased.

6 months later, you reach chapter three of that book and you have watched your 90th youtube video. The excitement is wearing off. You stumbled on a video that tell you why this venture is a waste of time and why this shiny new and improved one is better.

You start watching the video about the shiny new and improved strategy and. You can start reading from the top again if you like.

Sometimes we convince ourselves we have started because we have started researching. Sometimes we even get to the planning stage. This is where so many people live when they try to pursue their dreams.

3. You focus too much on fear and what could go wrong.

Have you ever been around those people who seem to bring your dreams crashing down to that place we all want to escape called, ‘Reality’? Me too!

As far as evolution is concerned, fear is ancient and, to a certain extent, we can thank fear for our success as a species. Any creature that doesn’t run and hide from bigger animals or dangerous situations is likely to be removed from the gene pool before it’s given the chance to procreate.

The annoying thing is that person could also be YOU, doing it to yourself. Fear is an instinctual emotion that there to protect you from danger. It’s a good thing to have if used the right way. You tell your fear what is dangerous and what is not. If you tell fear that speaking to people scares you like crazy. Then fear understands that you want it to protect you from speaking to people. But if you let fear know that climbing a mountain is exhilarating and fun. Fear knows to stay at home when you go and climb that mountain.

Disclaimer: If an expert in that field tells you it’s not a good idea then you should listen to them. Or feel free to research deeper if need be. If you are trying something super dangerous. Then please also listen to people giving you advice.

Now we know what is standing in our way. What are the steps we can take to confidently get started in building our dreams?

1. Take small steps

When I say small, I mean super tiny. Assuming you have done all the research that is necessary. Write a to-do list of tiny steps you can take to start that business or dream you are having.

  • Call or email one perspective client today. Once you have done that repeat for one week.
  • Walk to the gym and walk in, even if you don’t have the time to work out, just walk in. stay for 5 minutes and then walk out. Do this for five days.
  • Open a book and read one sentence, yes just one! Do this in the morning once and in the evening before bed once. Repeat daily.

When you break down a task it’s less daunting. You convince yourself that it’s something you can quickly do and get out of the way. While at the same time it slowly builds the habit of doing that task.

2. Allow yourself to fail.

Repeat after me… ‘whats the worst that could happen’? It’s easy to find all the reasons why you shouldn’t. How about telling yourself, why you should?

Every time you fail, you learn what not to do the next time you try. For every success, a few hundred fails had to be made. Look at failure as a tool to know what not to do.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” — Thomas A. Edison

3. Do it now!

Seriously, give this article some claps (please). Then go and do whatever you need to do to become one step closer to fulfilling your dreams.


Success is a mountain. Most of us see the top and disregard the journey. We stand in front of the mountain and realise what a colossal task stands before us. Most give up, I encourage you to just take one step onto that mountain. Then two. You’ll soon find that you have taken 200 steps. Although the mountain may get harder to climb the closer you get to the top. You’ll look back and realise how far you have come and recognise your power.

If you never take that first step. Nothing will change, for some this is exactly what they want. To dream about change while keeping their feet on solid ground. If you want more, you have to do more. It all starts with one step.

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there. — Unknown author

Thank you for reading.

I wish everyone would stop telling us to work hard and tell us how!

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I wish everyone would stop telling us to work hard and tell us how!

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