Image by Faris Mohammed

Budget your life like a business

1. The business of budgeting.

Imagine a company that doesn’t track its finances. It sort of knows how much is coming in. But does not keep track of where that money is going, Who’s spending it and how to make the most of it. This company would more than likely fall apart.

2. Budget like a minimalist

Minimalism as I understand it is the art of doing more with less. For a long time I tried to do way too much with way too little. I had a laundry list of things I thought I needed to buy when the pay check came in. But for some reason I found myself quite content when I had no money.

3. Pay yourself first

This was a hard one to put into practice.

4. Delay Gratification.

This ties in with the minimalist approach. There will be times when you want to buy something expensive. You may well have enough money to buy it in your account. But will you have enough money to survive until the following pay day.

Image by @vanessaleeys

I wish everyone would stop telling us to work hard and tell us how!

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